About FUSO International Limited

We established FUSO International Limited in 1972 as our point of contact for international business. To date, we have conducted business all over the world, in Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America, and Australia.

Our Products

glass bottle molds, plastic molds, glass press molds, hot glass-forming machinery, cold glass-working machinery, polishing machines, large sized part machining, precision machining, etc.

Materials (Castings)

Materials (Castings) for Glass Mold and Machinery Parts


Glass Bottle Molds (left) and Plastic Bottle Mold (right)

Plastic Injection Molds and Plastic Blow Molds

Industrial Machines

Design, Manufacturing and Maintenance of Industrial Machines

ISO 9001-certified, member of Japan Die & Mold Industry Association

Certificate : JP09/061319
Examination : SGSjapan Ltd.
Certified since 7 Jan. 2009

Fuso’s Domestic and International business

Within Japan, we offer primarily glass bottle molds, plastic molds, glass press molds, hot glass-forming machinery, cold glass-working machinery, precision-machined parts, and large machined parts. At each of our factories in Sagamihara, Akita, Osaka, and Gifu, we manufacture molds tailored to a variety of needs for multiple sectors, a rare feat in the industry.
Internationally, we began exporting glass bottle molds to the Philippines in 1963, and business has been increasing steadily ever since. In 1972, we established Fuso International Limited as our point of contact for international business. We now have experience exporting to countries all over the world, especially in Asia.

President’s message

Since our founding in 1947, we have maintained our focus on the manufacture of industrial goods for 66 years. Reflecting our long history exporting machinery and molds to users, we also have our own department that takes care of export procedures. Our factories, distributed among the Kanto, Kansai, Chubu, and Tohoku regions, all deliver their own unique technologies to the world while cooperating under the concept of “One Fuso.” Despite Japan’s decline in relative position as a result of the recent upswing in the yen, an aging population, and the rise of emerging nations, Fuso products are still being used in considerable numbers overseas while simultaneously undergoing transformation. Our technology is provided for professionals, by professionals, and we will continue to put it to the test while developing it even further.

  1. Casting technology
  2. Precision machining technology for round parts (fans, lenses, etc.)
  3. Precision micromachining (simultaneous mold-filling, etc.)
  4. Large turning machining (table diameter 2m, maximum turning diameter up to 2.4 m)
  5. Five-sided machining of large parts (portal width 5 m, table up to 4 m)
  6. Special-order machinery, from conception to design and assembly, including programs

We welcome any inquiries you may have.

Our Factories

map of surrounding areas


In the case of a train

Hashimoto station(JR Yokohama Line, Sagami Line), Hashimoto station(Keio Electric Railway, Sagamihara Line) From the south exit, approx. seven minutes by taxi


Export Division of FUSO MACHINE & MOLD MFG. CO.,LTD.

ADDRESS2-12-24, Hashimotodai, Midori-ku, Sagamihara,
Kanagawa 252-0132, Japan

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